It sucks in the air and disinfects it, releasing clean air with no harmful particles back to the space.

ATHMOSS, Air purifier / Disinfector


Highly effective air purifier based on UV-C radiation equipped with a HEPA filter for maximum protection.

It is used to prevent transmission, and therefore infection of dangerous bacteria or viruses that are in the air or are transmitted after coming in contact with infected people.

Significantly reduces the risk of transmitting viral diseases.


Professional Germicidal Air Purifier

Best price-performance ratio

ATHMOSS, the air purifier based on UV-C radiation is able to disinfect a large volume of air in a short time. In terms of PERFORMANCE-PRICE ratio, it is the best air purifier on the market.

PLUS filters

Using mechanical filtration ATHMOSS air purifier captures dirt, dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen in the air that you breathe.

Safe operation

Microwell disinfection chamber is designed to provide a very safe and reliable operation. It doesn´t emit any UV-C light, so its use is completely safe even in presence of people.

Cleans air in the room in less than 5 minutes.

Size matters

Filtration-based germicidal emitters typically remove contaminants larger than 0.3 microns.
Since the virus does not exist on its own, but is always adhered to a several times larger particle, e.g. on an aerosol droplet, the HEPA filter is an insurmountable barrier to the passage of viruses on bacteria.
In this way, ATHMOSS in combination with UV-C radiation can effectively clean the air from unwanted microorganisms.

UV-C radiation destroys microorganisms

UV-C radiation is ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers. This radiation causes DNA damage (cell damage) to viruses and microbes, causing them to die. High reflectivity and slowing down of air causes a longer stay of viruses and microbes in the disinfection chamber and thus increases their exposure to UV-C.

ATHMOSS is safe for humans

UV-C radiation is dangerous for the human organism (eyes, skin). Glass and transparent plastic reliably filter UV-C light. The Microwell ATHMOSS germicidal air purifier is designed so that it does not emit any UV-C radiation outside its internal structure during operation. Therefore it is completely safe for disinfection of crowded places in the presence of people.

Made in Slovakia

Athmoss, Air purifiers are developed and manufactured by our company MICROWELL in the production plant in Šaľa. The devices are made with excellent craftsmanship, reaching European quality standards.

Unique closed construction and placement of UV-C tubes
prevents UV-C radiation leakage from the device

Athmoss is the only sealed germicidal air cleaning device in the world that has a fully enclosed UV-C disinfection chamber. Within this chamber there is no direct UV-C light shining on any organic materials such as cables, rubbers, seals or electrical converters. This design is unique. UV-C light decomposes any kind of organic material. Plastic materials (cable coverings, insulating rubbers, sealing materials, etc.) tend todecompose into various toxic substances under the influence of UV-C light. At the same time, through this process there comes to odor release, similar to sulfur or burn-off. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a device with inbuilt UV-C chamber made of inorganic material such as metal.

When it comes to product construction, Microwell made no compromises in order to lower the production costs; on the contrary, Microwell makes large investments in this specially designed state-of-the-art disinfection chamber. We truly believe that our customers and product users will appreciate this feature.