Professional, powerful Air purifier for your business.

Powerfull without compromise.


The ATHMOSS 120 INDUSTRY germicidal air purifier is designed as a high-performance air and surface purifier. Although high performance comes with louder noise, this however, is not a problem in given environment. For example, background noise in a restaurant can reach up to 90dB (A), while Athmoss Industry at maximum power reaches a noise level of 58.2dB (A), ie. it cannot be heard at all. 

Product description

  • Acrylic, white cover
  • 6x15W /253,7 nm/ UV-C tubes
  • Prefilter, Class G3 >10 µm
  • HEPA filter Class H11 >0,3 µm, 95%
  • microMETAL+ stainless steel filter
  • Standard equipment

  • Germicidal air purifier
  • Wall console
  • User´s manual
  • Accessories

  • Mobile stand (vertically adjustable 145-185cm),      white, 4 wheels (2 lockable)
  • Fiberglass cover with through-the-wall ducts set and removable aluminium grills for Through-the-wall installation
  • Fully enclosed UV-C chamber without UV-C emission to the environment and without the need to clean UV-C tubes.  Disinfection possible even in presence of people.

    Installation options

    Installation on the wall

    The ATHMOSS germicidal air purifier is supplied on the wall installation, by standard. Basic equipment includes a wall console for a secure and easy installation.

    Through the wall installation

    ATHMOSS can also be mounted next to the main room, e.g. technical room. In the room where we provide air disinfection, you can see only removable white grilles mounted on the wall. Galvanized metal ducts with removable aluminium grilles can be ordered at an additional cost.

    Using the mobile stand

    The advantage of this type of installation is that the ATHMOSS germicidal disinfector can be easily moved between rooms as required. It will be appreciated especially by users at schools, retirement homes, hospitals. The mobile stand is vertically adjustable, on wheels, with brakes. It can be purchased at an additional cost.

    • Unique design