Powerfull without compromise.


The ATHMOSS 120 INDUSTRY germicidal air purifier is designed as a high-performance air and surface purifier. Although high performance comes with louder noise, this however, is not a problem in given environment. For example, background noise in a restaurant can reach up to 90dB (A), while Athmoss Industry at maximum power reaches a noise level of 58.2dB (A), ie. it cannot be heard at all. 

Fully enclosed UV-C chamber without UV-C emission to the environment and without the need to clean UV-C tubes.  Disinfection possible even in presence of people.

Product description

  • Acrylic, white cover
  • 6x15W /253,7 nm/ UV-C tubes
  • Prefilter, Class G3 >10 µm
  • HEPA filter Class H11 >0,3 µm, 95%
  • microMETAL+ stainless steel filter
  • Standard equipment

  • Germicidal air purifier
  • Wall console
  • User´s manual
  • Accessories

  • Mobile stand (vertically adjustable 145-185cm),      white, 4 wheels (2 lockable)
  • Fiberglass cover with through-the-wall ducts set and removable aluminium grills for Through-the-wall installation
    • Unique design