Ceiling, truly effective germicidal air purifier with certified, proven performance.

powerfull without compromise


ATHMOSSphere the ceiling germicidal air purifier is designed for highly efficient, homogeneous air disinfection and virus elimination in large rooms. It filters the air of the standard school class 3-4 times per hour. It is suitable for a university auditorium, meeting room, conference room. It is specially developed for school classes and kindergarten classes. After 1 hour of operation of the ATHMOSSphere air purifier, the disinfection efficiency is 98.7%. After 2 hours of work, the room gets rid of viruses and other unwanted microorganisms to 100% (measured in a room with a size of 126m3.)

Product description

  • Acrylic, white cover
  • Built-in lighting
  • Ceiling installation
  • d 1210 x 278 mm
  • 12x 15W /253,7 nm/ UV-C tubes
  • Prefilter, Class G3 >10µm
  • HEPA filter, Class H11 >0,3µm, 95%
  • microMETAL+ stainless steel filter

Standard equipment

  • Germicidal air purifier - ceiling unit
  • Mounting accessories
  • User´s manual

Mounting accessories

  • Fasteners
  • Threaded bars
  • Scheme diagram
  • Back lift assembly with anchor
  • Front lift assembly with locking mechanism with anchor
  • Rope

Fully closed UV-C chamber without UV-C emission to the environment. The virus stays in the disinfection chamber 3-4 times longer thanks to the thoughtful development of our engineers. In this way, it is exposed to radiation for a longer period of time and is essentially killed. Using is therefore possible even in the presence of people.

Installation options

Ceiling installation

The germicidal air purifier ATHMOSSphere is designed for installation on the ceiling or on the lower ceiling. Typically, the ceiling unit is fixed to a concrete structure of the upper floor or a wooden roof. The ideal location is in the middle of the room so that disinfection from viruses takes place homogeneously.
  • Skutočne účinný germicídny čistič s certifikovaným, preukázateľným výkonom.