It´s time

to take a deep breath.

What is ATHMOSS?

The ATHMOSS air purifier is a powerful germicidal purifier based on UV-C, supplemented by a special HEPA filter for thorough capture of bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen grains and other impurities in the interior. The purpose of ATHMOSS is to provide healthy air that you breathe at work, while studying or relaxing.

ATHMOSS, Air purifier & Disinfector

" We make products that do not treat, but protect."

 Ing. Tibor Kovács, CEO

How does ATHMOSS disinfect air?

AIt works by sucking in amounts of air through the fan. The room air is then cleaned of large and coarse dirt in front of the filter. After that, the cleaned air is sucked into the Microwell disinfection chamber, which is equipped with powerful UV-C lamps. A powerful HEPA filter is located at the outlet of the disinfection chamber, which captures all particles larger than 0.3 microns. Afterwards it releases clean air with no harmful particles back to the space.

Air purifying and disinfection for your business

...for doctor's waiting rooms, consulting rooms, pharmacies, open-offices, schools and kindergartens, fitness centers and other closed sports grounds, communal areas, retirement homes. The germicidal air purifier is suitable for interior placement wherever there is a greater turnover of people.