Professional, powerful
Air purifier & Disinfector
safe to use at presence of people

The ATHMOSS germicidal air purifier will create a safe and healthy environment
in your office, production hall or doctor's waiting room.

Protect your employees, protect your patients.

Every life matters.

Very efficient disinfection and air cleaning even in presence of people.

An enclosed germicidal air purifier - ATHMOSS - equipped with HEPA filter destroys viruses within 5 minutes !
It can be safely used in the presence of people thanks to its well-thought-out design developed by Slovak engineers.

ATHMOSS, Air purifier & Disinfector

" We make products that do not treat, but protect."

 Ing. Tibor Kovács, CEO

See How ATMOSS Protects You

Air purifying and disinfection for your business

ATHMOSS is primarily intended for commercial purposes.
...for doctor's waiting rooms, consulting rooms, pharmacies, open-offices, schools and kindergartens, fitness centers and other closed sports grounds, communal areas, retirement homes. The germicidal air purifier is suitable for interior placement wherever there is a greater turnover of people.