Description of ATHMOSS germicidal air purifier

The ATHMOSS air purifier works by sucking in amounts of air through the fan. The room air is then cleaned of large and coarse dirt (e.g. dust) in front of the filter. After that, the cleaned air is sucked into the Microwell disinfection chamber, which is equipped with 6pcs of powerful UV-C lamps with power up to 90W. The disinfection chamber has an extra reflective surface that reflects 80% of the emitted UV-C radiation and at the same time is equipped with air retarders (swirls). These swirls effectively slow down the air flow and thus prolong the total exposure time of microorganisms to UV-C light. Without such treatment, air flows around the UV-C tubes too fast, which can reduce microbial death. Microwell might be the only manufacturer to incorporate such swirls into its disinfection devices as standard.
A powerful HEPA filter is located at the outlet of the disinfection chamber, which captures all particles larger than 0.3 microns. Viruses are usually smaller than 0.3μm but they usually „travel” on water aerosols and this way the object is larger than the permeability of the filter. The air cleaned and disinfected is discharged back into the environment after exiting through the HEPA filter.

The Microwell disinfection chamber is designed so that it does not emit any UV-C light, so the use of the germicidal air purifier is possible even in the presence of people.

What are the main advantages of using a germicidal UV-C emitter?

Bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, mold and mites are all sensitive to UV-C rays and can be eliminated by them. Microbes cannot acquire resistance to UV-C rays, which occur only with chemical disinfectants and antibiotics. UV rays are ecological. Environmental pollution is inevitable when using common disinfectants. There is also a serious risks from direct inhalation of vapors or ingestion of food contaminated after direct contact with chemical disinfectants. The use of ultraviolet rays in the process of disinfecting is better for the environment.

UV-C devices can be installed in most environments and presence of machinery and can be programmed to maintain the same level of disinfection day and night, ensuring ideal hygiene conditions without quality fluctuations. In contrast, chemical disinfectants are most effective at the time of use.

Unique closed construction and placement of UV-C tubes

Athmoss is the only sealed germicidal air cleaning device in the world that has a fully enclosed UV-C disinfection chamber. UV-C light does not shine outside the ATHMOSS, even within the chamber there is no direct UV-C light shining on any organic materials such as cables, rubbers, seals or electrical converters. This design is unique. UV-C light decomposes any kind of organic material. This is a feature of this kind of radiation. The main aim is to kill microbes, but in the case of plastic materials (cable coverings, insulating rubbers, sealing materials, etc.), these tend to decompose into various toxic substances under the influence of UV-C light. At the same time, during this process there may be odor release, similar to sulfur or burn-off. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a device with inbuilt UV-C chamber made of inorganic material such as metal. In addition, such separation of UV-C light completely encloses and concentrates this light in the disinfection chamber. Thus, no UV-C, either direct or reflected, is emitted into the environment.

UV-C tubes do not need to be cleaned or maintained in any way. Namely, the air around the tubes is cleaned of coarse dirt by a prefilter.

When it comes to product construction, Microwell made no compromises in order to lower the production costs; on the contrary, Microwell makes large investments in this specially designed state-of-the-art disinfection chamber. We truly believe that our customers and product users will appreciate this feature.

Here we would like to appeal to potential users of enclosed germicidal air purifiers. Avoid those devices that glow blue as it is reflected by UV-C light from inside the machine. Such UV-C light is as dangerous as direct UV-C light. Certification of equipment for the possibility of selling such equipment on the European Union market, the so-called "CE" does not deal at all with the correct installation and full shading of UV-C light, but only with electromagnetic compatibility, ie whether the device is electrically safe. Microwell has invested heavily in the development of a fully enclosed and separate UV-C chamber. So we find it truly schocking to observe, how many devices are misleadingly sold as "enclosed system", while in fact there comes to clearly visible UV-C light emittance. These devices are dangerous to humans. In addition, such devices are not equipped with air filters and so their UV-C tubes are clogged with dust. After a while, this completely prevents the formation of UV-C radiation and at the same time can create the smell of burns or sulfur, which is the result of "burning" dust on the surface of the tube.

Microwell ATHMOSS completely eliminates all these possible design flaws. Athmoss is a completely safe device for disinfection in the presence of people.

How to control ATHMOSS

The Microwell ATHMOSS germicidal air purifier is designed to start automatically when connected to the mains. We recommend using the device with a WIFI socket. The socket has a separate on/off button and it is possible to control Athmoss remotely without contact via the iOS/Android application. The application also includes the option of an advanced timer, so it is possible to set automatic on and off switching according to, for example, the opening hours of your business. With the WIFI application, you can easily turn the device off or on remotely.

If you choose not to use a socket as a WIFI contactless control, you can use the built in on-off button to turn the Athmoss cleaner on and off.