It sucks in the air and disinfects it, releasing clean air with no harmful particles back to the space.

ATHMOSS, Air purifier / Disinfector


Highly effective air purifier based on UV-C radiation equipped with a HEPA filter for maximum protection.

Designed for sterilization of air and surfaces of objects /using ultraviolet radiation in a C spectrum/ wherever sterilization by conventional methods is not effective or impossible due to the environment.

It is used to prevent transmission, and therefore infection of dangerous bacteria or viruses that are in the air or are transmitted after coming in contact with infected people.
Safe to use even in the presence of people.

Cleans air in the room in less than 5 minutes.

Detailed description

It works by sucking in amounts of air through the fan. The room air is then cleaned of large and coarse dirt in front of the filter. After that, the cleaned air is sucked into the Microwell disinfection chamber, which is equipped with powerful UV-C lamps. The disinfection chamber has an extra reflective surface that reflects 80% of the emitted UV-C radiation. At the same time it is equipped with air retarders that slow down the air flow. This way, ATHMOSS can effectively clean air from unwanted microorganisms.

A powerful HEPA filter is located at the outlet of the disinfection chamber, which captures all particles larger than 0.3 microns. The air cleaned and disinfected is discharged back into the environment after exiting through the HEPA filter. The Microwell disinfection chamber is designed so that it does not emit any UV-C light, so the use of the germicidal air purifier is possible even in the presence of people.

effective protection against the spread of viruses
  • Cleans and disinfects air, Destroys viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms in the air
  • Captures dirt, dust, pollen
  • With colored light indicates the level of humidity in the room
  • Works on the principle of UV-C radiation
  • Consists of 8 powerful UV-C lamps
  • Achieves performance of max. 120kW
  • Safe to use even in the presence of people

Unique humidity visualization technique

You can see the level of humidity in the room thanks to the light strip located on ATHMOSS. Displays light spectrum from blue (low humidity), through green (ideal humidity), to red (problem - high humidity). In such environment, viruses and bacteria spread rapidly.

UV-C radiation destroys microorganisms

UV-C radiation is ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers. This radiation causes DNA damage (cell damage) to viruses and microbes, causing them to die. High reflectivity and slowing down of air causes a longer stay of viruses and microbes in the disinfection chamber and thus increases their exposure to UV-C.

ATHMOSS is safe for humans

UV-C radiation is dangerous for the human organism (eyes, skin). Glass and transparent plastic reliably filter UV-C light. The Microwell ATHMOSS germicidal air purifier is designed so that it does not emit any UV-C radiation outside its internal structure during operation. Therefore it is completely safe for disinfection of crowded places in the presence of people.

Colored light microLIGHT+

Athmoss is equipped with colored lights in the RGB colors range. This light indicates humidity of air, which is important when it comes to viruses, bacteria and mold. MicroLIGHT+ switches between colors continuously, which reflects humidity values.